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Your experiences, ambitions, and human body are unique. Your fitness plan should match that. We deliver a fitness or sports performance training solution that is very specific to you and your individualized goals. THP was intentionally created to bring you a program that incorporates your unique footprint with exercise science principles. We seek to truly understand your individual pathway in order to tailor a program that will provide the expertise and impact you have been searching for. This thorough and holistic process is our mission in supporting individuals, organizations, teams, and coaches and trainers. We believe this systematic approach will ultimately ignite your passion. 

Innovative Strategies. Dynamic Coaching. 

We combine fitness, nutrition, lifestyle management, and sports performance within each of our platforms.


Premier Coaching System

The first step is being inspired to continue your endless pursuit of fitness and sport performance learning. The next is to discover a new way of thinking and training that can be applied to any way of life or sport.


Individualized Training

Individualized coaching is so much more than the  accumulation of exercises and workouts. It's a lifelong self-discovery process of your human body. Our coaching program adapts to your needs and goals.


Teams & 


The THP system is a multi-faceted approach built to develop winning teams and energize organizations. Our progressive solution fits resilient teams and cultures that strive to achieve their health and performance vision.  


Tatum Human Performance (THP) is a company that strives to provide an innovative system to health, fitness, and sports performance. Based on your mission, we deliver our individualized, integrative coaching, development, and education methodology to solve your challenges and pave the way toward your most fulfilling life. We want to share our relentless pursuit of human performance with individuals, coaches, and organizations. Between our dynamic and evolving digital platform or in-person experiences, you can execute your plan while setting your own pace toward progress. THP is inspired by people’s passion to follow their dreams, both on and off the athletic realm. This inspiration is what drives our team to empower you through a clear vision, individualized strategy, and an intentional, supportive community. It is our passion to ignite your passion.  

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Inspire. Motivate. Learn. Evolve

You must have the right plan at the right time to reach your desired goals. This principle drove THP to develop a simple, effective game plan that focuses on the process rather than the outcome. We want to understand why your goals are important to you, establish how the plan is going to work for you, and guide you on executing your plan.  

STEP 1: Reveal your mission

Individual Goals 

We create the right solution for you starting with a screening or evaluation process. 

STEP 2: Set your action plan

Intentional Practice Makes Perfect

Together we will collaborate on your individualized plan for you to reach your goals.

STEP 3: Ignite your passion

Maximize Your Time & Your Life

Be guided down your path progressively with our unique team of experts and supportive community.


What time is better than right now for you to transform your fitness training, sports performance or organization with the dynamic THP system? Let's take the first step together and get to know you.

Are you ready to be ignited?

Because we are. And we want to hear from you.

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It's been a significant change, I think [fitness] is extremely important [in preparing for tournaments]. Especially nowadays, golf is seen more as athletes rather than just golf players. You see people who are more fit because distance has become a huge factor in the game of golf. Being able to hit it far and having strength is something that is very important nowadays. It makes it a lot easier.

Jon Rahm, 8-Time PGA Tour Winner

For the beginner athlete to the highest level of performance, including Pro Golfers, College Div 1 running, tennis, golf, and lacrosse. I’m a retired pro triathlete and I need them for balance, skill, and motivation to continue my health and well being.

Gail A., Retired Pro-triathlete

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