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Kinematic Sequence Explained

Let's talk about something that has a lot of folks confuzzled -- Kinematic Sequencing.

Kinematic Sequencing is also known as 3D Analysis Movement. On a broad level, Kinematic Sequencing means a correct order of events for any type of rotation. This could be a slap shot, lacrosse throw or golf swing. For golf in particular, it means we want to see movement starting in the hips, trunk, arms and finally club. The more efficient we can be with the sequence, the more efficient we can be with the club.

We take everything that we have been learning thus far, mobility, stability, motor control, strength and power and translate it into the sport. This is how we train here at THP. If you'd like to know more, hit that GET IN TOUCH button at the top right and we will reach out to you!

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