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Virtual Training : how to get the most out of it

Here at THP, we feel like we are perfecting our virtual training method! Virtual training is a great option for folks across the country that want the THP experience, or members just not ready to be back in the studio. We are grateful for the opportunity to train you, in-person or virtually!

Here are a few tips for making your virtual sessions the very best possible!

- Wear headphones. We have our athlete and trainers both wear headphones to help with noise pollution.

- A virtual meeting is scheduled before the session with the link being emailed. When everyone is on the same page, the session goes smoothly!

- The equipment and space needed is also presented to the athlete before the session. This ensures everyone has what they need!

- If possible, use multiple camera angles. We provide the best visual demonstration and that means using multiple angles.

We hope these tips were plenty helpful! If you'd like to try training virtually, hit that red

GET IN TOUCH button and we would be happy to send you over some information!

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